Structural engineering and specialist consulting


The solution to your construction task may be astonishingly simple, exceptionally elegant or new and innovative: it is perfect only if it completely meets your very individual requirements and needs. Therefore, we intensively involve you in the solution process, keep all planning steps transparent and always show you the alternatives and options that open up aside from the chosen solution path: unbiased, independent, committed to the perfect solution to your task.


LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH is an independent engineering firm for support structure design with head offices in Rosenheim, Munich, Germany, and Nantes, France.

Besides the design of support structures spanning a variety of materials, LEICHT offers communities, cities, companies, private clients and architects consultation, legally sustainable expert opinions as well as project-specific quality control for complex construction projects.



As professionally well-known specialist for lightweight construction, structural engineering and exceptional façades, LEICHT has been able to successfully complete far in excess of 600 national and international building projects since the company was founded in 2007. This wealth of experience permits LEICHT to carry out the comprehensive supervision of all kinds of building projects and enables the firm to maintain an overall view of the construction process at all times. This guarantees that each individual measure adopted contributes to the success of the entire building undertaking.